I'm Séamus Bellamy.

I write about technology, travel, strange people and awesome places. Maybe you've read some of my scribbling for USA Today, The Wirecutter, The BBC, Wired, Fast Company, Macworld or Boing Boing. Or, maybe not--I don't want to assume anything about your reading habits.

I'm the Managing Editor and, an occasional writer, for Faces of Auschwitz: a collaboration fronted by photo colorist Marina Amaral and endorsed by the Auschwitz Museum.

Many moons ago, I undertook a degree in Journalism at the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It makes me look more legit.

Since then, I've played on stage with the Chieftains, tested breathalyzers drunk as a skunk with the police, chatted with The Pogues, walked all 780 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago and traced Brendan Behan's footsteps through the pubs and hotels of New York--and I wrote it all down.

If you need a writer or just want to say hi, send me a message.