You're Not an Author Until Amazon Says You Are

If your book is listed by, you’re presented with the option of creating an author’s page. To do this, you have to jump through a few hoops.

1. Have a friend who already has her own author’s page tell you that the service exists. Do not ask how she herself discovered this. It’s arcane knowledge best left forgotten.
2. Tell Amazon that you’ve written a book, and which book it is that you’ve written. They’ll also want to know a little bit about you so as to give your prospective readers a glimpse into your soul. What did I offer? Why, that I am North Korea’s whitest, baldest, MIG pilot, of course. 
3. Wait while Amazon confirms that with your publisher that you have indeed written a book. They may also look into your aviation credentials as well. Pro tip: the North Korean Airforce is surprisingly candid about the number of Canadians it employs.

If all goes well, you’ll receive word that your author page is ready.

Not at all painful really, but riddle me this: While they were talking to my publisher, why couldn’t they sort out that I am, as the cover of Joomla! for Dummies clearly states, the sole author of the latest edition? It’s not a huge thing that Amazon continues to list the book under the former author’s name as well… but it’s an aggravating thing.