The Wirecutter: What's Important in the New Windows

A lot of tech was released this month from some pretty significant companies: Apple and Google both took their turn. But neither of what they opted to unleash was as confusing as what came out of Microsoft: Windows 8 with it’s various iterations, the company’s first attempt at a tablet–Surface RT–which runs Windows 8, but doesn’t, and Windows Phone 8, which doesn’t run Windows 8 at all but implies the new OS in its name.

Over at The Wirecutter, we took a few paragraphs to cut through the marketing and tell you what you really need to know about what Microsoft’s got going on. For my part in all of this, I spent a week tinkering with Surface RT. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware, in both form and function. But the software, what there is of it, is still a bag of hurt.

Why not take a read? It’ll only take up a few minutes of your time.