The Wirecutter: In Case of Emergency (This One or the Next)

Hurricane Sandy: Scary shit, right? While most of The Wirecutter’s staff live on the west coast, we all have attachments and memories of our time in the east. So when the hurricane hit, we were all concerned and felt like there was very little we could do to help.

So, instead of spending our day working on a post about a new piece of hardware that no one really needs, Brian Lam, Nathan Edwards and I got down to the business of assembling a list of gear that might be useful to those left in the hurricane’s wake with no power, shelter food or other any of the creature comforts we all take for granted.

The list is a work in progress, and will eventually be supplimented by my suggestions for building an emergency preparedness kit and go-bag, but it’s still one hell of a good start.

Why not take a look?