The Globe & Mail: Sony’s powerful Haswell VAIO hybrid hampered by its hinge Add to ...

Great concept, horrible execution: that pretty much sums up the Sony’s VAIO Duo 13 Hybrid Touch Ultrabook. 

Fast, powerful enough for most day to day computing tasks and some light gaming and insanely power efficient, the Duo 13 is a piece of hardware that I wanted to like, but in the end, couldn’t due to a poor hinge design that only allows for viewing in a fixed position when the Duo 13 is set up as a laptop, or as a tablet when its keyboard is stowed. That said, I have to applaud Sony for trying something different. It’s one god looking piece of hardware, but with the limitations presented by its design, I can’t imagine many people who’d be happy with it in the long run.

You can read my full review over at The Globe & Mail.