The Globe & Mail: Apple’s new Mac Pro is built for the future, and is insanely expensive

I had a Mac Pro sitting on my desk for close to a month. An $8000 piece of hardware. It freaked me out, and it wasn’t rational. I was covered by insurance, I live in an area where few people roam, and I’m home most of the time. The chance of anything happening to it was minimal. But man, was I happy to be rid of it when the time came.

That said, the hardware is a thing of beauty in design and in function. It’s  a device to be coveted, but is more computer than most of us will ever need. But if you’re a professional working in video, photography animation of design, you’ll likely want one… just as soon as software developers tinker their wares into being able to take full advantage of the Pro’s powerful internals. 

You’ll find my full review of the computer here.