The Globe & Mail: A good e-reader gets better: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

One of the best hardware investments I’ve ever made was in a Kindle Paperwhite. Aside from my computer, and my iPhone, which I rely on for work, my Paperwhite is the one device that I use more than any other, television, video games and GPS included. So when I was offered the chance to review the latest iteration of the hardware, I was happy to tackle the project. 

The short of it is that the latest iteration of the Paperwhite is a little bit faster, a little bit brighter and a touch smarter than its predecessor. Is it worth buying if you already own the 2012 version? Nah. But if you’ve got an older e-reader or are considering buying your first, this is the one to get. 

For my full review of the hardware, head on over to The Globe & Mail.