The 9 best PlayBook apps for business

TabTimes is achingly close to being released on iOS (with other platforms soon to follow), but until out first issue drops, some of the magazine’s content has been made available online via — Take my rundown of The Nine Best Playbook Apps Available for Business Users, for example. 

It’s no secret how I feel about the Blackberry Playbook. I love the hardware and the OS, but the available apps… wow. After much hacking and slashing my way through Blackberry App World, I was able to wrangle nine worthwhile applications for business users to rely on. Hopefully, with the advent of Playbook OS 2.0 (which I’m currently tinkering with), we’ll see the apps a high quality piece of hardware like the Playbook deserves. Until then, take a peek at what we’ve showcased here, and stay tuned for more.