So I've decided to move back to Tumblr

After fighting it out with Wordpress for the last year, I’ve decided that, for me at least, hosting your own site just isn’t worth the bother.
Since setting up my Wordpress site, I was hacked twice, needed to have a friend come in to save me from a corrupted database once and was constantly so frustrated with the software that I couldn’t be bothered to post a damn thing.
I suppose the latter shouldn’t come as a shock, considering The fact that I work with Content Management Systems all day long.
Anyway, Tumblr, while basic in what it offers is dead easy. It lets me link up to my online work so that I can share it with prospective employers. It’ll allow me to noodle about with Instagram and other photos and easily share it around the web. And perhaps most importantly, I’ve never felt any disdain for Tumblr. It’s an online service that I actually like to use.
So here we are.