One More Thing...

I completely forgot to mention that I have two pieces in Mac|Life iPhone Handbook 3, which should be available from new stands and bookstores until May.

Spanning pages 62 & 63, you’ll find 7 Ways to Synchronize Your Browser Bookmarks to Your iOS Device and an overview of Ten One Designs’ Fling on page 68. Both of the pieces have previously appeared online, but it’s always a nice surprise to see things like this popping up in print all unexpected like. 

Anyway, back to work: Today, I’m plumbing the shallow depths of Amazon’s new cloud services suite. It’s only been live for a few days, but I’ve ben able to find a few great features to share with Maximum PC readers. My deadline for the story is tomorrow, which means that it could well be live on the site later this week. Of course, I’ll post a link to the story here as soon as it becomes available.