Now On Sale - Lost Children: A Charity Anthology


Over the past month, I’ve mentioned Lost Children: A Charity Anthology a number of times. If you’ve come across this page through happenstance, here’s the scuttlebutt: Comprised of 30 stories by 30 authors from around the world, Lost Children opens a dark fictional window on the very real wrongs visited upon the weakest and most innocent members of our society on a daily basis. The only happy ending you’ll find within this book’s pages is that all the proceeds from its sales are donated to Children 1st (Scotland) and PROTECT (U.S.A); a pair of organizations dedicated to the protection of children. 

Retailing for a mere $2.99 and available to purchase and download via Amazon UK,Amazon USBarnes & Noble and Smashwords, there’s no excuse not to pick up buy a copy that promises a great read for a great cause.

If you need a little coaxing, why not drop by David Barber’s The Flash Fiction Offensive website for a free peek at ‘Larry’, my contribution to the project. A dark story of revenge and cutting the ties that bind, I’m pleased with how the tale turned out, and proud to see it chosen for inclusion in such a worthwhile project.

Countless thanks to Thomas Pluck, Fiona Johnson and Ron Earl Phillps for pulling the whole shebang together!