New Fiction Thursdays!

The six of you that routinely visit my site may have noticed a bit of a graphical overhaul. Bully for me, but please direct your praise to the folks at Pixel Union, who appear to know very well exactly what it is that they’re doing. 

In the throes of considering this change, it occurred to me that I’ve been writing on Hell of a lot of tech stories, and well, nothing else. To that end, I’m starting a new venture around these here parts: New Fiction Thursdays! Why? Because because this man cannot live by tech coverage alone. With more and more paying gigs coming in on a regular basis, I’m finding less and less time to work on my novel. However, there’s always time for a bit of short-form work. I figure, if I can’t sort out one lousy bit of fiction every seven days, I must be doing something wrong. Please, drop me a line to let me know what you think, or hit me up on Twitter.

For the first installment of New Fiction Thursdays, meet Murray. He’s a nice fella. Honest.