iOS 5 vs. Honeycomb 3.2: Which Tablet OS is the Best?

Having accepted a gig over at TabTimes means accepting that you’re gonna need to have a few tablets. As I type this, there’s a first generation iPad, a Blackberry Playbook and a newly acquired Asus Eee Pad Transformer sitting on the desk next to my keyboard. That’s a lot of hardware, and I’d like to assume that normal, sane consumers won;don’t feel the need to own them all. So the question remains: If you have to buy one tablet, which tablet should you buy? It comes down to personal preference and need, when it comes down to it. This week, Mac|Life had me take a look at iOS 5 and Android Honeycomb 3.2 and how their features stack up against each other.

In my opinion, there’s no clear winner. I love iOS for it’s simplicity and the wealth of apps available via iTunes. That said, I prefer Honeycomb’s flexibility and the amount of customization it affords me. When it comes to getting things done, I find the OS to be very agreeable.