How iCloud Could Change The Apple TV

As any Apple hardware user’ll tell you, the advent of iCloud is just around the corner, bringing with it a wide variety of new features to make the lives of OS X and iOS users a little bit easier and a little more connected. 

Unless you own an Apple TV, in which case, Cupertino’s totally just pissed all over your shoes.

Amidst the hubbub about iCloud, with it’s gazillion-and-one features to make your already awesome Apple gear infinitely more awesome, there wasn’t a single shred of love for their poor, diminutive media centre. 

I call bullshit. Apple TV, as a platform is full of potential, and if Time Cook (sorry Steve) ever wants to see his company’s “hobby” start paying off, they’re gonna need to throw the poor thing a bone once in a while. How? Well, I’ve got a few ideas, and I’ve posted them over at Mac|Life. You know, just in case anyone cares about what I think.

Which they don’t. At least they shouldn’t. Really, try not to pay any attention to anything I do. It’ll only end in tears.