Well, that’s that: Last night marked the completion of my work on Drupal for Dummies: Second Edition. While the writing experience this time around was far more enjoyable than what I experienced while working on my last book for Wiley—thanks in no small part to the presence of my writing partner Lynn and our stellar agent over at Studio B—I’m still very happy to see the end of this project. 

As it stands, I’ve got more than enough freelance work coming in to pay the bills. The writing is challenging and varied and it keep she happy. Tech books? While it’s always gratifying to see your book on a shelf at your local bookstore, tech writing is, to say the least, a terrible, uncreative grind. While the additional revenue it generates is a welcome commodity in my life, I feel that my soul would be better served by my cranking away on a bit of fiction in my off hours. I don’t know if anyone will want to buy or read what spills out of my twisted imagination, but I feel that I need to give it a go. There’s stories banging on the insides of my skull, demanding some time outside. 

I’m writing for a living here people: living my dream. Like the man says, Dream big or go home.