Drupal for Dummies? Yeah, we wrote that.

I thought it worth mentioning that Lynn and I have finished rewriting Drupal for Dummies yesterday, just in time to make our 100% deadline for this morning. While I haven’t faced the Author’s Review yet, I can say that I am absolutely stunned at how much a of a pleasure working on this book was compared to my Joomla! for Dummies rewrite. I have no doubt that much of this stems from the fact that Lynn’s first edition of the book was well organized, easy to read and well, correct—things that the first edition of Joomla! for Dummies did not have going on at all.

There should be a lull before we start into our AR corrects, and the book, at this time, is due to hit shelves in September. In the meantime, I plan on spending as much time cranking on my novel as possible, producing a few short works for show and tell over at Fictionaut and course, cranking out pages for MacLife, Maximum PC and now that it has launched, Maximum Tech. 

First thing’s first however. Food. Drink. Being Merry.