Cool Site of the Week: Newspaper Map


Back in university, I was trained, to write for newspapers and radio. By the time I was finished with school in 2000, both mediums were already frozen in the headlights of the oncoming truck that we now describe as new media. Over the next decade, I shied away from working in newspapers and found that blathering away on the radio really did nothing for me. My passion was found in fiction, technology and the diversity offered by a career as a freelancer.

I loved newspapers then. I still do now. I enjoy the smell and the feel of them. I dig the traditions and conventions associated with with working in an old school newsroom. Back when i was a teenager working a column at the Guelph Mercury, I loved listening to the old timers talk smack about their beats, their new J-school educated co-workers and the city’s small time politicians that thought they were King Shit of Turd Hill. When I left the city to go to university out in Halifax, they were still laying out pages with a waxer and board. By the time I was through with my education, everything that I loved—the romance of print journalism—had been done away with; replaced by electronic layout, fresh blood and enough enforced politically correct behaviour to suck the fun out of it all.

Finding and featuring a site like Newspaper Map over at Maximum PC almost had me feeling a little weepy. To see so many newspapers around the world still surviving in the face of social media, the internet and around the clock television news coverage is a wonderful thing.

Being able to use Google Translate to read any of them in either of my native tongues? Even better.

Seriously, if you never bother to look at anything else I recommend to you, please take the time to take a peek at this. It’s more than worth your time.