Charity Raffle


A while back, I mentioned that one of my stories was included in an anthology called The Lost Children. All of the proceeds from the book were paid to two excellent children’s charities: PROTECT and Children 1st, from the U.S. and the U.K. respectively. For a taste of what the book contains, you can read my contribution to it here

Of late, sales of the book have slowed. We didn’t expect it to fly off the shelves forever, but as any of the cash made as a result of the book ending up in your hot little hands goes towards protecting kids from unsafe living conditions, predators and other filth that no child should have to endure, I’m all for squeezing every dime out of the project possible. To that end, I’m putting up three signed, first edition hardcover copies of After Hours: Conversations With Lawrence Block to be raffled off. 

How do you get hold of one?

It’s simple: head on over to the Lost Children: A Charity Anthology website and follow the links to buy a copy of the anthology. Follow the instructions for sending in your purchase receipt. Boom: You’ll be entered in the draw. Thomas Pluck—the site’s curator and one of the anthology’s co-editors—will draw three of the names entered. I’ll send each of the winners a book. 

Easy like pancakes.