Beoga: How to Tune a Fish


Well, it’s not too often that I end up with a cover story, but that’s exactly what happened with this month’s Irish Music Magazine. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have some time on Skype with the talented folks from Beoga, talking about their new album, their upcoming tenth anniversary and life on the road. They’re a great bunch and the jaw-wag was great craic. 

I don’t have the opportunity to do much work for IMM these days, but whenever the opportunity presents itself, I jump at it. The magazine’s editor, Sean Laffey, was good enough to give me my start in magazines back in 1997 while I was still trudging through university. In doing so, he gave me a taste of a wider world of writing, the chance to scribble about the music I love and a semi-regular pay cheque to boot. As such, being able to piece together a feature for them always smacks of coming home. While I’m waiting for my copy in the mail, you should be able to pick up yours at most better quality news stands, music shops and book sellers in Ireland, and from select retailers beyond the island.