5 Tablet Blasts From the Past

Thanks to my gig with TabTimes, I now own a lot of tablets. My collection currently includes a Eee Pad Transformer, a Playbook, a worried looking Asus Windows 7 tablet that knows it’s about to have Windows 8 thrown at it and a my first generation iPad.

Guess which one gets the most play. If you said the iPad, you get a cookie. While the others may be newer and offer more robust specs, I find that the iPad offers me exactly what I need, and proves flexible enough that the rest of the tablets in my home never get the play they deserve. If you look back over the years, a lot of tablets have had similar problems: For their day, they might have had some pretty respectable specs, but consumers weren’t compelled to purchase them as other machines they already owned, be it a computer, gaming device or a pencil and paper, could do their jobs just as well, if not better. If you head on over to Mac|Life, I’ve put together a feature on five such devices from the past few decades.