Macworld: WaterField Designs Atelier iPad Gear Case and iPad Pencil Case review


Given the high cost attached to buying an iPad Pro and the accessories that go along with it, I've got no problem sinking a few more bucks into products that'll help me to protect my investment. With the tablet, that means a case. Buying something to protect the iPad Pro's accessories? That's a little bit more flexible. At least it was until I ran across WaterField Design's Atelier Cases. It's well made, tough and full of compartments that'll help you keep track of all of your expensive tablet's bits and pieces. At close to $70 for the Gear Case or $30 for the Apple Pencil case, both are admittedly pretty pricey. But they feel so good to the touch and look even better as you beat them up. If you've got the cash for feel the need for either, you've got my approval to pick 'em up.

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